Asus Eee PC 1005HA or the story of one SSD

    Good day comrade!

    I was prompted to write this article by problems with the upgrade of my Asus Eee PC 1005HA. At the same time, I decided to post a photo report of the disassembly of this device and a couple of tips on avoiding possible problems for comrades who were curious. Hope this serves someone or something good.
    Further, many beeches and many pictures.

    For work, I needed a small and lightweight device that you can carry with you without problems, and which would have a long battery life. After considering various options, I settled on the Asus Eee PC 1005HA. Small (but with an acceptable screen for work), lightweight and tenacious. There are 3 types of batteries for it:
       1. 4400mAh ???
       2. 5800mAh 63Wh
       3. 8700mAh 63Wh

    For some reason, there were no bishops with the 8700mAh battery on board, so I ordered it separately. This model has a 160GB satash screw, and in order to be at the peak of progress and learn Zen to slightly increase the battery life, I decided to stick an SSD screw there. At first, I decided to take the device in a USB-shny version with a SATA-shny interface, tear it apart and stick a screw into the laptop. But then they told me that there are “special SSDs for the Eee PC” at the same price, and it was decided to take it.

           * Ah, if only to know what’s around the corner,
           And to know where to lay the straw ... * ©

    And now the joyful moment has come, now I am the owner of the new 64GB SSD screw! The soul sings, and the legs carry me home. Well, it's time to start dissecting the patient. For this we needa thin curly screwdriver and a paper knife to move the clamps and pry off the keyboard, as well as the hero of the occasion - a new flash screw. We open the box with the inscriptions “Expansion SSD” and “Compatible with ASUS Eee PC” and get IT:

    Hmm ... the connector seems to be smaller than the satash, but for a long time I have not tinkered with hardware, can I confuse what?

    To begin, unscrew all the bolts at the bottom of the laptop. Open the lid that hides the memory and then unscrew another sly bolt. There are side latches on the lid, so we don’t pull much, poke it and open it.


    Now we put the patient in a normal position and remove the clave. To do this, press the clamps above the keys F1, F6, F10 and Insert and pick up the clave, pull it out. Better to start on the left side. It’s easier and safer.

    After the upper part of the keyboard is lifted, do not rush to pull it, because you can tear the connecting cable.

    See the black shit comrade? So, for starters, you need to push it, like a box from the table, so that it is like this:

    and only after that you can pull out the train.

    Next, unscrew these 6 bolts (marked in blue and red): We

    pay special attention to the bolt marked in red. Yes, my friend, guarantees piz ... cyou don’t have any more: '(But where ours didn’t disappear. Let's continue, pray. Next, we need to disconnect another loop so that we can not lose the touchpad due to inaccuracy (marked in orange in the previous picture). It's a little different than with the keyboard. This the connector doesn’t extend, but rises up. Without extra effort, we poke the black shit and scoop it - the cable is now easily pulled out. When opened, the clip looks something like this:

    Carefully pry the cover with your fingernail (or something else to taste) and remove it. And here they are the insides of our monster th favorite.

    Dachshunds ... now we need to remove the satash screw and replace it with ssd. but first, remove the interfering wires. We already know the principle - we lift the clamp and pull out the cable. We unscrew one bolt and pull out the screw. And here one more pease awaits us ... a nasty surprise - the connector on the ssd does not turn out to be sat :( and looking at what we have from the devices there, we see a slightly similar one:

    Mdea. Mini pci-e with stuck WiFi. This is a bummer. But maybe there is one more port on the mother’s side? On top, maybe on the bottom? No comrade, I'm afraid you will be disappointed. Below there’s not a single connector to stick at least something useful. I didn’t completely unscrew the motherboard, so there’s no picture. Instead of a wifi screw sticking also doesn’t work out - the speaker is in the way. Yes, and it’s useless, you don’t need a wifi nshe.
    So, what do we have:
       1. Useless screw on hand;
       2. Lost warranty;
       3. The experience of disassembling the bourgeois device;
       4. The desire for something about something ... to break up;

    Here is such a sad result in my story. Although there is still the opportunity to return the ballast back to the store.

    And as for the netbook itself, I can say the following:
       1. 10 hours of battery life are stated. And it works. True without wifi, bluetooth and with minimal brightness. But in the "Power Saving Mode" mode, 80% of the screen brightness and the included WiFi honestly work for 7-8 hours (and this is on a 5800mAh battery).
       2. Multi-touch touchpad. Work is declared in 3 or 4 applications, but it works for me in browsers both in non-standard image viewers and in the office. In general, a cool trick.
       3. Small, light, convenient

       1. The keyboard is somewhat noisy
       2. The arrow keys are made uncomfortable
       3. If the cooler starts up, it makes a noise, I

    found some strange cant at the keyboard - the left part of the gap and the left alt are -will be "bloated" and clearly rise above the rest of the keys. I could not return them to normal.

    That's it. And may the force be with you, young Jedi ...

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