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    Today is August 21 - World Avatar Day. James Cameron presented separate scenes of his new painting, with a total duration of 15 minutes. The editors of NovaRadio attended one of the screenings, which took place at the Kinostar New York movie theater in the IMAX hall. We note immediately that there were surprisingly many empty seats. Perhaps this was affected by the poor organization of the event.
    What can I say? The impressions of the demonstrated futage are mixed. First of all, the expectations of something radically new did not come true. Despite everything that Cameron and other people working on the picture stated, a breakthrough did not work. A three-dimensional picture looks quite standard, and a sense of depth of the frame is created only by a competent composition. And this is the main difference from ordinary 3D films, in which the volume is achieved mainly in close-ups. Cameron provides a full-fledged presence effect by adding various objects at the edges of the frame. Thus, the border of the picture is lost, and the viewer forgets about the screen. There is one very big one: for complete immersion - the film must be watched in the halls, where the picture occupies the entire field of view and the lower rows do not interfere with perception. Unfortunately,
    Now for the content. The excerpts shown did not differ much from those shown to the public on ComicCon. CJ characters look completely natural and do not leave a sugary aftertaste. The picture turned out to be extremely saturated and unusually colorful.
    The plot component was deliberately hidden from the public eye, as Cameron himself said before the screen was shown.
    Summing up, we can say that the main hopes are now connected precisely with the development of a fantastic story, since the visual series, frankly, cannot keep the viewer in the cinema for three hours. According to rumors, the final version of the picture will have just such a duration.

    ps the article is a joint work of several people (the team of our online project).

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