ESET at the Sysadmin Meeting

    It is difficult to find a country where the System Administrator Day is celebrated on a larger scale than in Russia. This year, the Sysadmin rally near Kaluga brought together more than four thousand participants. ESET, one of the sponsors of the event, also sent its representatives there with tents, prizes and a lot of fuel.


    Getting to the rally was not so easy. I had to feel the charm of traffic jams on the Kiev highway and the impassability of Russian roads. Some of the ESET fighters could not stand the four-hour journey to the venue

    The organizers greeted us very warmly, but for some reason decided to hook us up to Symantec. No one doubts that cool guys work there, which it would probably be fun with, but it was not in our plans to set up an ESET camp under the Symantec flag. Therefore, a strong-willed decision was made to conquer part of the territory's market from ambulances. There we set up camp.

    On Saturday, our event titled "Admin Strength" was held, in which the most colorful representatives of the profession took part.

    In general, everything was peaceful. No one was hurt, hands were not broken, tendons were not torn. Although the ambulance team somehow looked in disbelief at the action that was happening in our meadow

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