Solid work, plus a lot of fun - and Opera Unite turns into a great feature

    So, Friday and a new build - this time, work has been done on the Unite protocol. Now:
    • The search for running Unite servers on the local network is more adequate (and can be disabled)
    • More flexible reconfiguration policy in case of connection problems
    • Services are now even more attractive - "stylists" from Opera have worked on them

    So, the main changes:

    • Improved stability: fixed several key points when Opera collapsed
    • Qt4 stability fixes
    • Lick Unite
    • Improvements in the skin, including the fixed button for adding a new tab for the included preview
    • Printing selected text should now work
    • Alt + Shift layout switching also fixed

    Known bugs

    • Since today is Friday, auto-update does not work
    • There are not yet some Unix assemblies, but most of them will be added.
    PS: in the translation, I tried to preserve the style of the news, and especially the headline. If anyone knows the best translation of the proverb - write in a personal letter, and for now I will review The Shining Thank you to Gavrilov for the translation :)
    PPS: original news and changelog on the developers blog .

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