Recently I wanted to put money into a Yota account, and I put it. Only now the money in the account did not appear. And the terminal did not give me a check. I had to call all kinds of technical support. The very first tech support guys found my payment, told me all the necessary data and offered to call back to QIWI directly, where my first "personal assistant" greeted me. "My personal assistant" said that my payment went through their system everything that he had to go through and recommended calling Yota back. After 10 minutes of tedious music, I introduced myself to a girl who, after listening to my stories about how the payment failed, said that my payment was not visible and she did not know what to do :): I grinned and called back at QIWI, this time they told me , they don’t see anything at all, and only after I told them all the data about this payment and about that they don’t see the payment in Yota, they again said to call Yota. In Yota, I told all the information about the account, but I did not answer the secret question because even the person who came up with this answer forgot it myself, and they refused to tell me anything at all. I decided to call QIWI again and this time I got a very good “my personal assistant” who talked to me very pleasantly and said that just in case she would write a request for my payment receipt, took my phone and said goodbye. I forgot about the problem for two days, it’s just that Yota isn’t mine and it’s almost never used so that it’s good that I did it at all. On the third day I remembered that they should call me. I called back at QIWI and they said that yes, there is an application, wait when they contact you, I asked for how long, and they told me that no one had such information and hung up. Two days later, he called again, they gave the address for the mail and again hung up. Now I’m sitting and thinking of writing an evil letter or a good one ... I wonder which one they will respond to faster.
    UPD: Thanks to fellow efads, my problem was resolved, thanks a lot to him. Yota accepted the application and promised to credit the money in two days. By the way, it turned out that I was mistaken in the water numbers. You can replenish the account:
    1. entering the account number from the card, which starts with the number 1
    2. entering a personal account number that starts with the number 2
    3. by entering a mobile number
    And there was another snag. In the terminal instructions there is a line about “Enter the account number as 7 ХХХ ХХХ ХХ ХХ ХХ”, or something like that, so I entered the personal account number with the seven in front, and the seven in front is placed only in the third case. Thanks to all.

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