Passion for Holivar or what is WPML

    The next patent passions on Habré prompted me to nevertheless read the patent specified in the post to the end, and not just its name and summary.

    So, let's consider the patent in a little more detail.

    First of all, you can see the frequent use of the WPML abbreviation, the text of the patent explains what it is:

    The terms "word-processor markup language" or "WPML" refers to markup language elements that are associated with a word-processor application and a schema associated with the word -processor application.
    “The term“ markup language for a text editor ”or“ WPML ”refers to elements of a markup language associated with a text editor program and markup layout specific to a given text editor.”

    This is all like creating your own XML-based markup language to preserve text formatting elements. If you are not too lazy and download the same plugin that allows you to see pictures for a patent, you can see that we are really talking only about a sublanguage of text formatting elements, connected in XML as a namespace “w”. Here is an example file in this language (basic markup elements: document information, document text, two paragraphs of text). Thus, this language is no different from many other XML-based markup sub-languages ​​(and the patent does not affect them in any way). Here is a list of alternative Wikipedia document markup languages:


    Moreover, Mycrofost has other markup languages ​​that allow you to save formatting elements:

    Not only Microsoft has patents for markup languages, for example ESRI widely uses its own ArcML markup language to store geo-information data and to save the data of its applications, while not limiting the use of other XML formats for such purposes, for example, GML.

    Also popular now: