We return to the Opera for what we love her so much (or once again about the Internet accelerator;)

    I have been one of the most dedicated browser users for 10 years. Despite the Opera's strong closeness (okay, extensions, but even to the clipboard it doesn’t copy like the others), its engine is a real drug that keeps me in the camp of fans all these years.

    However, recently I notice a rather annoying thing: pages do not appear on the fly, immediately after the start of loading, but are displayed with a delay . The reason I found out during one of the discussions on Habré, when my opponent ( egorinsk ) could not understand why this rendering of pages opened from the cache in Google slows down (everything was flying at him). It turned out that javascript was permanently disabled!

    Having fixed the pages with javascript turned on and off, I found out that Opera gives simply crazy priority to rendering with javascript. You can understand the logic: now some sites are generally web programs that without js are of no interest. However, the developers of the Opera have always been famous for their preference for the speed of rendering, rendering the page on the fly, and user comfort. After all, with CSS things are exactly like this: when loading the same blogs with CSS themes, we first see ugly plain html, which is then dressed in CSS clothing.

    Perhaps a habrayuzer with 10 megabits will not notice anything, so I want to ask - what about the situation with comrades with not very fast connections? Also? Or maybe someone found a solution to this problem?

    The solution was not slow to appear!

    Thank you cam. Kalan !

    We cut the opera parameter : config # Extensions | DelayedscriptExecution - and enjoy the fact that we love Opera so much!

    PS For some, the parameter is not saved at all when the Opera is rebooted. It can be found and fixed in operaprefs.ini

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