Entertaining geography

    It so happened that over the past few months I have been collecting information about countries, regions and cities. The result of these efforts was a small link “Change City” on the Rambler’s main page, and half a dozen posts on my blog about strange and funny names, and just geo-facts that I had to deal with.

    For example, it turns out that Nicolas Sarkozy, like any president of France, is simultaneously the co-prince of Andorra, and the state of Andorra itself is formally a principality, under the joint protectorate of France and the Bishop of Urhel.

    Two Russian cities - Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon argue among themselves where the cold pole is located - the coldest place in the world. In my opinion, the difference is so small - to die at a minimum temperature of -67.8 or -67.2.

    But now I know the most positive, perhaps, the name of the city. Ukraine, Lugansk region, the city of Happiness. Simple Ukrainian Happiness. :) Also, by the way, in Ukraine there is a city with one of the longest names in the database - Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka - a settlement in the Kiev region.

    And how do you like the city of Finkenstein am Facer See (Austria, Carinthia)? Or one more thing: Ushmanmandeh (Afghanistan). Unfortunately, both of these cities were not included in our database, due to extremely small sizes.

    But that is not all. If they ask me which country has the most unpronounceable names, without even thinking, I will answer - Iceland. I still can’t understand how they themselves live with this? .. :) Hewudborgarschweidid. Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Fáskrúðsfjörður. (I hope I haven’t summoned anyone into our world now). I even found it difficult to transliterate the last two names into Russian. :(

    There are still many interesting cities that should be visited, if only to take a picture next to the nameplate of the city. This is the Lithuanian city of Kretinga (formerly just Kretin, the emphasis seems to be on the first syllable), and the whole Irish county Kilkenny, which appeared much earlier than South Park, and the city of Pusi, Tartu County. It seems that Katya Lel was somewhat right ... :)

    And finally, an unsurpassed record so far - 20 - twenty! - Hudson cities, which are called the same, but located in different places (though mostly in the USA). Poor post there ...

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