Asterisk Integrator Business Forum

    From August 1 to 2, Helios Hotel, Zelenogorsk, hosted the first
    Russian conference on open-source software Asterisk IP-PBX.
    Asterisk is a telephone exchange (PBX) with built-in IP
    telephony support (including Skype), which has wide functionality.
    Despite the fact that Asterisk is a free open source application,
    it is very rare among domestic companies, while
    outside of Russia they say about Asterisk only about a revolution
    in the world of telephony.

    The event brought together all the active participants in the community that
    promotes Asterisk in Russia.

    On the first day of the Business Forum, participants were shown
    equipment to work with Asterisk. Presentations were made
    Russian developers and representatives of foreign companies. Then
    there were reports from well-known Russian Asterisk integrators,
    many of their own developments were shown.

    On the second day, the participants discussed the main problems preventing the
    distribution of Asterisk in Russia, and a further
    marketing policy was outlined to popularize Asterisk.

    “We have long wanted to get together and discuss pressing issues, and
    finally, such an opportunity presented itself. We managed to get to know
    each other live and discuss important issues that were somehow raised
    on the forums. I’m sure that the effect of the event will be great for the
    further development of Asterisk in Russia, ”says one of
    organizers Sergey Isaev (Line 24).

    Digium, the creator and coordinator of the Asterisk project, also did not
    stand aside and brought gift attributes to the forum.

    Conference proceedings are available at .

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