Remote script installation service - is it needed?


    Hello Habrasociety!

    I want to say right away that this topic is not an advertisement for the service and I am not promoting it. I just need to know the opinion of the habrosociety on this project.

    A few months ago I created a startup on remote installation of scripts and CMS , configuration of dedicated servers - (I can do (I can do)). What is the idea of ​​the project. People who can’t install any script or content management system order this installation from us, for a fee. Installed the following prices:

    - installation of a free script (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) - 10 cu,
    - installation of a paid script (Bitrix, NetCat, etc.) - 20 cu

    The price, of course, does not include a script license if a paid script is installed.

    Installation is ordered in a fairly simple way. Registration, filling out the order form, payment for the installation. In theory, the installation should be done no more than 8 hours after sending the correct data for the installation.

    The project was created, published on the Internet, but after everything was ready, for some reason I thought - do Runet need such a project? Will anyone order installation of scripts and pay money for it? In the English-speaking part of the Internet there are many such services and they have many installations ordered, but what about Runet? I am confused by some points because of which I think not to continue the promotion of the project, not to waste time on it, namely:

    - in RuNet there are a lot of articles, manuals, help forums that will help you to install something for free or teach what FTP is and how to use.
    - 10 cu installing a free script is expensive, and it makes no sense to take less
    - free scripts are very easy to install if you have even the slightest skills in working with hosting accounts, but paid scripts like Bitrix and NetKat are mostly bought by web development studios that Then they themselves put it.

    We essentially reached an important place in this topic: dear Habrasociety, and do you think I need to continue to do this, or will I just lose time? I will be glad to objective criticism or advice on this project, if it makes sense to continue.


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