Hands of future robots

    On Habré there was already a link to an article on the robotic arms of Masatoshi Ishikawa from the Ishikava Komuro Laboratory of the University of Tokyo, but only their ability to play baseball was described there.
    In fact, they have much more opportunities ...

    First of all, this is not just a hand - it is a hand with eyes, sensors, which actually act as a coordinator. (Please note this is a pair, sometimes one device next to the hand, which constantly watches the object) And in addition to throwing and bouncing the ball, they also know how to catch a falling object, manipulate a stick, independently toss and catch an object that is not round in shape, shake hands, track and grab the object moved by a person, while adapting to a better grip. Some actions, for example,dribbling (imagine that in the future you will play basketball with this ...) or moving between the fingers of a small stick they perform just amazingly fast!

    Here you can find more material about the work of the laboratory (there are not only robots).
    Here is a link to baseball.

    PS: All this reminded claws Tachikoma from GitS .

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