The bill on "sustainable work" Runet - what to do before the second reading?

    Post with the news that the State Duma in the first reading adopted the bill No. 608767-7 "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation" (in terms of ensuring the safe and sustainable operation of the Internet in the Russian Federation) gathered its expected hundreds of comments . What's next?

    Political scientist Catherine Schulman explains ( 1 ) ( 2 ):
    “The first reading, as we have said many times here, is only hello. As stated in the movie Mummy, death is only the beginning.Here with the first reading in the same way. The first reading is just the beginning. What is there in the first reading was adopted, it may not live to the second. Bills increase in volume several times during the second reading or, conversely, decrease in volume. By the way, exactly the same thing happened with the anti-sanctions : there was a long, thick bill full of fear, horror and hatred, but God only knew what was on two pages. Accepted and forgotten. It will never act, because there is nothing to act there. Everything that could act, everything was cut both correctly and well.

    So, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the second reading. Paying attention to him, one has to delay his offensive, because accelerated adoption is bad, and slow and long adoption is, at least, better ”
    Here is the bill “Senator Klishas' imaginary Internet”:
    The first reading has passed today, the second should be no earlier than in a month.

    The link Duma electronic reception

    If you are a citizen: write to the chairman of the relevant committee on information policy or your territorial deputy, or all at once, express the attitude. Do not swear.

    If you are an organization: write to the name of the chairman of the State Duma with a request to HOLD PUBLIC PARLIAMENTARY HEARINGS before the second reading of the draft to discuss possible amendments and ways to implement it. Better both electronically and on paper with a blank.
    To make it clearer, I will supplement the idea of ​​metamorphosis to the second reading with fresh news:
    “Fines for disrespect for the authorities on the Internet and for fake news for individuals and officials are proposed to be increased several times. The corresponding amendments were prepared by a group of deputies for the second reading of the draft law, reports TASS , which has a copy of the document at its disposal. ”
    So let's get the habroeffect in the right direction until “the imaginary Internet of Senator Klishas” (c) has become a reality.

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