One day, one man returned home late from work, as always tired and jerked, and saw that a five-year-old son was waiting for him in the doorway.

    “Dad, can I ask you something?”
    - Of course, what happened?
    - Dad, how much do you get?
    - That is none of your business! - the father was indignant. “And then, why do you need this?”
    - I just want to know. Please tell me how much you get per hour?
    - Well, actually, 500. But what?
    “Dad,” the son looked up at him with very serious eyes. - Dad, can you borrow me 300?
    “Did you ask only to give you money for some stupid toy?” He shouted. - Immediately march to your room and go to bed! .. You can’t be so selfish! I work all day, I'm terribly tired, and you act so stupidly.
    The kid quietly went into his room and closed the door behind him. And his father continued to stand in the doorway and get angry at the requests of his son. But how dare he ask me for a salary, then to ask for money?
    But after some time he calmed down and began to reason sensibly: Maybe he really needs to buy something very important. To hell with them, with three hundred, he didn’t ask me for money at all. When he entered the nursery, his son was already in bed.

    “Are you awake, son?” - he asked.
    - No, dad. Just lying, ”the boy replied.
    “I seem to have answered you too rudely,” my father said. - I had a hard day, and I just broke loose. Forgive me. Here, keep the money you requested.
    The boy sat in bed and smiled.
    - Oh, folder, thanks! He exclaimed joyfully.
    Then he crawled under the pillow and took out some more crumpled banknotes. His father, seeing that the child already has money, became angry again. And the kid put all the money together and carefully counted the bills, and then looked at his father again.

    “Why did you ask for money if you already have it?” He grumbled.
    - Because I didn’t have enough. But now it’s enough for me, ”the child answered.
    “Dad, it's exactly five hundred here.” May I buy one hour of your time? Please come home early from work tomorrow, I want you to have dinner with us.

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