Idea - program installer

    I got an idea and I need your thoughts and opinions about it.

    I often have to install programs on computers. Firefox, skype and more - at home and at work. When reinstalling the system, when installing a new Windows on a separate partition, or simply installing programs on computers of friends and relatives.

    What infuriates me the most in this matter is clicking on the “Next”, “next”, “ok”, “finish” buttons ... Yes, you can make a Windows disk with these programs already, but - I put different operating systems + I I always want fresh versions of programs.

    It is known that most of the installers of popular programs (such as skype, firefox, google sense, daemon tools and others) support automatic installation if you run the installer file with a specific key.

    The idea is to make a program that itself downloads and installs the selected programs. Those. literally like that - a window opens, it contains a list of programs (the list is downloaded with an xml file from the program’s site, the file is constantly updated and updated accordingly on users' machines). Next, the user by checkboxes selects the software he needs (and maybe the version) and press install - the program itself downloads the installers and launches them with the silent installation key.

    It seems to me convenient: install Windows, open such a program, select the necessary software and click install. You can go drink tea and not steam over the clicks of the “next”.

    Idea stolen from NetBeans, it’s convenient to install plugins there, select and click install. Here is the same thing. Linux seems to have similar installers too.

    In short, the most important thing:
    1. In your opinion, would such a program be useful to the world?
    2. Would she be useful to you?
    3. Maybe there is already something similar?
    4. How do you solve such problems?
    5. Any thoughts in the studio!

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