Expert show "Runetology" (14) - the program's guests are the creator of and Dmitry Kravchuk

    Guest Interview:
    • Portrait of the user and
    • Poems, prose and Internet format
    • Who are the "literary blacks"? Where to find them?
    • How are the sites of and monetized?
    • How much does the reader cost?
    • Paradoxes of online and offline publications
    • Does Dmitry Kravchuk write poetry or prose?
    Discussed events:
    • "Classmates" reduce staff
    • Onexim buys 51% of RBC, and AdFun sues Media World
    • VGTRK is in talks with
    • Will Megafon buy the VKontakte social network?
    • Mobile operators want to ban Skype
    • New statistics from TNS - 41% of the population use the Internet in Russia once a week
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