Outpost Security Products (Firewall, Antivirus, etc) for Windows 7 Released

    St. Petersburg developers from Agnitum, the authors of the standalone blog on Internet security , known for the Outpost Firewall personal screen (with both free and paid versions), are updating release versions of the products.

    Outpost 2009 released new products on July 21, Firewall and Antivirus 6.7, which are beta-compatible with Windows 7 RC, while supporting all versions of Windows over the past 10 years. According to the developers, attention was paid to improving the speed of Outpost 6.7 and stabilizing the operation of products in a modern hardware and software environment.

    Improvements in Outpost 6.7 include not only support for Win7, but also corrections in the work of a number of modules:
    • Improvement of the heuristic analyzer (+ a new anti-virus module is connected)
    • The filtering of Internet content is finer (useful for torrent users);

    • Minimized false positives for the network attack detector and antivirus (false positive reaction to ASProtect has been eliminated)
    • Brakes on Vista SP1 / SP2 and 64-bit Windows have disappeared
    • Network performance has been stabilized when using ICS (Internet sharing), shared printers, and VMWare stations;
    • Optimized settings for auto-learning alerts and game mode (without Outpost “left” issues during full-screen mode operation),
    • Added new driver loading filters (in the Local Security module).

    Maxim Korobtsev, technical director of Agnitum, added that the company did not force the release of version 7.0 ("2010"), which is expected shortly after the official release of the final version of Windows 7 (full quote is on the Outpost authors blog ), focusing on solving already known issues Windows security.

    Popular programs and Internet resources with which Outpost compatibility is improved:
    • Windows Firewall, Vista UAC, Kaspersky Antivirus / Internet Security;
    • Outpost QuickTune for Internet Explorer (on 64-bit Windows);
    • Email clients - The Bat !, Incredimail;
    • P2P clients - eMule, µTorrent;
    • Translation Tools - ABBYY Lingvo X3, TranslateIt!
    • Means for listening to music and reading from the screen - AIMP, Imeem.com, Jaws, and others.

    You may find a known issue in the list above or on the Agnitum product change history pages fixed in version 6.7. Full-featured 30-day versions of Outpost 2009, as usual, can be downloaded from the company's website .

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