Arora Browser Version 0.8 Released

    ENT reports :
    The release of version 0.8 of the Arora browser based on (Qt) Webkit has taken place. Among the innovations of this version:
    • Support for Qt 4.6 - hints on hotkeys, creating search plug-ins for the browser from search forms on sites, highlighting search phrases on a site
    • Search in the address bar
    • Launch page with search box
    • Listing support file: //
    • Warning about re-sending POST request on page reload
    • Optional setting to redirect the entered address to the search engine if the address cannot be opened
    • Drag`n`drop URL support in address bar
    • Localization Update
    • Other fixes and improvements
    Homepage Arora , download the source or installers for Windows and the X OS .

    Screenshot (Arora, Windows, Habr):

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