LaTeX in practice. Announcement

    Having set out to consolidate my skills in working with Emacs and LaTeX, I selected the first article I came across in a suitable format on Habrahabr, which I decided to LaTeXizize. The result seemed to me worth public review.

    From this page you can download the archive with LaTeX sources of the resulting file. It seems to me that he speaks for himself in many respects and demonstrates the application of basic features, including lists, tables, figures, links, field settings and the definition of his own commands. In turn, some of the issues that I have not resolved remained.

    In the process of preparing this file, the idea of ​​an entire article (or maybe not one) on the topic “LaTeX in practice” was born. The plans are to refine and comment on the source code, as well as write a step-by-step guide on LaTeXizing arbitrary text. The guide will not be a construction explanation of the code. Problems will be considered as they become available, reasons, methods of solution, and only then the lines of code required to solve the problem will be considered. Thus, you can evaluate what role each package in the document plays. When composing the preamble, you don’t need to remember: “At the same LaTeXnik, did I copy the template last time?”

    Going to share this work in the public domain, I also pursue selfish goals. I am by no means a guru in LaTeX and my knowledge is limited. By sharing my material, I expect to get a return from the Habrasociety, which, I am sure, is more experienced and able to teach a lot. It is precisely because of this that many of us have gathered here.
    latex (Source, 3 pictures from the article + ready pdf) - 691KB

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