FlylinkDC ++ and Wine

    In response to the Linux DC ++ article and multithreading, he decided to describe his experience with the FlylinkDC ++ client under Wine.
    The author of the above article when working with this client had several problems, the solution of which I will demonstrate.
    From this text, I identified three problems:
    • File icons in search results
    • Missing information, “How many people have this file” in the search results
    • Very slow downloading of the last blocks of large files
    On my own I will add one more point: the client intercepts magnet links from the Opera browser.

    File icons and missing information when highlighting

    With this, everything is simple - there is simply no problem in newer versions of the client.
    When writing this article, I used the r389 build 2353 version. It can be seen that folders are displayed as folders, and files as files, in the search results, in the list of user files. The appearance of the client as is after installation. In the first screenshot, one of the lines is highlighted, it is clear that nothing is missing.
    Search Results Window
    File List Window

    Very slow downloading of the last blocks of large files

    I have already described the reason for this phenomenon in a comment, I will duplicate:
    The reason that at the end the flylink slowly downloads is because the client is multi-threaded, i.e. clings to all available sources. For some sources, the speed is very low and it turns out that one block can swing for a very long time. Thus, in the end there are slow sources, because with fast sources give all the blocks and only the blocks that are busy slow are left.

    This problem is cross-platform and has nothing to do with running under wine.
    It is treated as follows:
    File -> Settings -> Advanced -> Speed ​​limits.
    We turn on the “Disable slow sources” checkbox and adjust the settings that become available to our discretion. It is worth noting that there is a bug with the size of some windows, but this is another story, therefore, to save the settings, press
    Settings window

    Opera browser intercepts magnet links

    Immediately make a reservation that I describe only opera for two reasons:
    1) I actively use it myself.
    2) There is already an article on setting up FF .
    And one more remark - a separate copy of the client is asked to be launched for each magnet. In principle, it is not difficult to press the "No" button in the window that appears, although it is crippling. But I personally still have this problem with Windows, I have not yet found a solution.

    And now the configuration itself:

    The main problem may be that the opera in the parameters of the handler program (our dc client) cuts the quotes. Therefore, FlylinkDC.exe should be in a directory where there are no spaces in the path.
    Go to the opera settings:+-> Programs -> Add.
    In the “Protocol” field we write “magnet”, select “Open in another program”, set the program as “wine”, and in the parameter we write the windows path to the FlylinkDC.exe file, I have it “C: \ FlylinkDC ++ \ FlylinkDC. exe ". You can, of course, write a full linux path. After that, we save everything and you can safely poke on magnet links.
    Window for creating a magnet handler


    In conclusion, I want to add the pros and cons of using FlylinkDC ++ under vine in Linux.

    • Confident work with multithreading, no need to shaman with assemblies
    • Convenient interface, which is very useful for those who just migrated from windows to linux
    • For many LANs, there are already predefined hub settings
    • This is "religious" because OpenSource licensed under the GNU GPL;)
    • Need installed wine
    • There are some bugs with the appearance (window sizes, text is lost in some places
    • This is not “religious” because not native under linux;)

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