China bans electric shock treatment for Internet addiction

    The Chinese Ministry of Health has recognized the treatment of Internet addiction with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) as unsafe, according to the China Daily. The leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Health recommended that medical institutions refuse to use this method.

    On July 13, the Ministry of Health of China posted on its website a report stating that the effectiveness of ECT for treating Internet addiction in adolescents has not been clinically confirmed. One of the active promoters of this method is the founder of the clinic for the mentally ill, located in Shandong province, Yang Yongxin. The leadership of the medical institution was ordered to stop using this technique.

    According to Yang Yongxin, electroconvulsive therapy was used at one of the stages of the four-month program to get rid of the addiction to the computer. Almost three thousand teenagers went through such a program in this hospital.

    When placing the child in the clinic, parents or guardians signed an agreement to conduct ECT and paid a monthly fee of 6,000 yuan (about $ 878). According to previously published reports of the patients themselves, they received an ECT session for violating one of the 86 internal rules of the clinic. Patients of the medical institution were forbidden to eat chocolate, lock themselves in the toilet, take medicine before meals, sit in the chair of the head physician and talk about anything other than overcoming their addiction.

    Of course, I understand that there are many Chinese, but in such ways the Inquisition still worked in the 16th century :)

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