What to do if the payment terminal did not issue a check

    According to the new Law, when paying through the terminal, at the time of receipt of the check, the service is considered to be provided. The law will come into force in 2010. But checks are needed now.
    What should I do if the machine did not issue a check (or it was lost, but the payment did not come)?

    Read the instructions provided by OSMP technical support below.

    The meaning of most technical support calls, in situations where the check has not been issued, is as follows:

    1. The payment was successfully received to the account, but the check is needed for reporting.
    2. Payment to the account has not been received.

    The reasons why the check may not be issued:

    - the printer has run out of paper;
    - there is still paper in the printer, but it is not enough in a roll and, due to the design features of some printer models, the check did not come out through the corresponding slot in the machine body and remained inside;
    - technical malfunction of the printer (for example, paper was jammed);
    - the device rebooted during payment or the power was turned off;
    - when depositing funds into your personal account, the device went from the payment page to the start page. At the same time, money has been deposited into the device, but the actions of forming the payment are not completed;
    - when paying from funds that are already in the Personal Account, the check is not issued. The terminal in this case simply replaces the computer, providing access to the online service.

    How to get a check when paying from your account balance?
    The check can be printed from the site. To do this, go to mylk.qiwi.ru and log in. Generate a report for the payment date, find the desired payment. Next to the transaction number there will be a yellow “Check” link. There will be no links if the payment has failed. For all unsuccessful payments made using the Personal Account, funds are automatically returned to the balance of the Personal Account.

    What can be done in other situations?

    1. If the payment was successful, but the check was not issued, just write a letter to claim@osmp.ru explaining the situation, as well as the account number, date and approximate payment time. All received calls from subscribers are registered by the specialists of the claims department. Each call is automatically assigned a number, which is used later in correspondence.
    After receiving the letter, the specialists of the claim department will prepare a certificate confirming the fact of payment. The certificate will contain basic data: date and time of payment, terminal, account, receipt and transaction numbers, as well as the amount of payment to be credited. An electronic copy will be sent by email. The original can be obtained at the office of the company by prior arrangement.

    2. If the check has not been issued and the payment has not been received.
    It is important to find out the terminal number. If the device is still working, then a gray round button with the letter “i” should be available on the start page. When you click on this button, a page with information about the terminal opens: its number, address, information about the owner of the device. Also, if there are checks from previous payments made on this machine, you can find the number on them.
    If the machine has turned off, or the button for viewing information is not available on the screen, then you can try to check with the store’s administration where the device is located, how to contact its owner.

    When the terminal number is known, half the problem is resolved.

    Next, you will need to write a letter explaining the situation, the terminal number, date and time of payment.
    If the money was deposited into the account in the Personal Account, and then payment was made through it, you will need to indicate the number of the Personal Account and at least one of the numbers that were paid.
    If you have problems with payment through the “QIWI Personal Account”, you need to write a letter to: support@mobw.ru

    The claims department will need time to deal with the reasons that the funds have not been credited to the account. Also, it will take some time to communicate with an agent who owns the terminal. He must request logs from the machine, as well as data on collection.
    If the machine was not in the room, but on the street, the check was not issued, the terminal number cannot be determined.

    In a letter to the support service, you should inform the city and the exact address of the building near which the machine is located. As well as the payment number, details, date and amount.
    In any situation, the more information about a “lost” payment is reported, the more likely it is to be quickly found. It is also better to contact TP as soon as possible.
    It is advisable to leave a mobile phone number for communication, so that you can quickly clarify information if necessary. If the phone is home, then you need to specify the area code.

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