The programmer’s recipe

    I publish a post on behalf of gibbzy :

    1. You need to be able to cook, as with any man. This fact is undeniable. Moreover, everyone has some of their favorite dishes and you need to be able to cook.
    All IT people love homemade food, because often they themselves do not know how to cook it, and at work they eat what God sends.

    2. IT professionals need to be meticulously looked after (wearing the same sweater for 2 years is not a problem.), Many are very lazy.

    3. you need to prepare for the fact that you often have to listen to nonsense (is it nonsense?), About programming server games, etc.

    4. You need to immediately mentally prepare for the friends of such a man, in my opinion for a girl, nothing can be more complicated than a bunch of IT people who speak an incomprehensible language. If you are in the subject and understand the essence of the conversation, then this is just fine, IT people will love you.

    5. You need to be patient and be able not to distract, it really annoys me when they pull me. Programmers have such a concept as a “condition of a steam locomotive”, i.e. I sat down to work, tuned in to work, and you work, if you distract, then you will have to do it all again. Moreover, in this state, absolutely do not care about the surrounding reality, i.e. you notice her, of course, but with difficulty, for the head is so full that sometimes you don’t feel hunger. Designing complex and fairly complex systems requires a lot of brain resources, i.e. the head becomes completely clogged and it is simply impossible to get distracted; if you get distracted, you have to remember everything again, remember what you did and why you did it, tune in to work in general.

    6. You need to get used to the fact that many programmers and IT people do not sleep at night but sleep during the day (not all of course), but the day mode is usually absent especially among freelancers.

    7. As a rule, programmers will be bored talking with your girlfriends / friends, but as a rule, many educated and intelligent people, and out of politeness, will pretend that they enjoy talking.

    8. All IT specialists have some kind of hobby, as a rule it is not connected with computers, very often these are some kind of active actions (that is, obviously not collecting stamps), because you get tired of computers and need to be distracted and it’s better to do something active at least walking in the evenings.

    9. Many suffer from the fact that they are not in the subject of what is happening in the world and society, often for example you can hear from me: “why did Jackson already die? Yes? what annoyance? ”Moreover, no one gets into show business and does not know the latest events from Dom2. My mother once said "You became a fool with your computer" Because I did not know that Basque was married.

    10. Many people like to watch movies, TV shows, movies, listen to music and understand this quite strongly. For example, series (it crowd, the bing bang theory, house md, the lost).

    11. Many, as you can see from the side, are “stupid”: they can stick into poles, slow down to respond to any stimuli. This is related to thinking about something specializing.

    12. If some IT specialist agreed to fix the computer for you, consider it a great happiness, because this is enough at work, and terribly infuriates when in the middle of the weekend, “Oh, I have something with the computer, don’t you look?”. This is often a common way of dating.

    13. If the programmer is lonely, then it’s very easy to seduce the recipe:
    13.1 You need to find his messenger (icq, skype) or home page, his blog or something else
    13.2 to start a conversation with him
    13.3 will ask for a visit or invite him (better of course first)
    13.4 tasty feed.
    13.5 Do not ask to repair the computer! If there is one in the apartment, then the IT specialist can do it himself out of good will. Especially if he needs this computer, for example, to check e-mail. Here you sit down at such a computer, and there everything is somehow wrong and you need to configure it.
    13.6 To find out if alcoholic beverages are consumed (many do not consume believing that they destroy the brain and precious neurons) - offer alcohol.
    13.7 in 90 percent of cases, a smoking area should be provided.

    14. Programmers are very fond of the girls of their profession, they are like an artifact one in a thousand people. A vivid example of a forum topic:

    15. IT people outside of IT are very interesting and often non-standard people, they are naive in places, and in some places unpredictable. They need a certain approach, yes, but usually nothing complicated. Most lead a quiet and measured life. Many love children, but absolutely everyone is afraid of it like fire because they simply don’t know what to do with them.

    R.S: the majority is written from me ( gibbzy ) and not the fact that it will suit the rest. In general, all IT people are the same people and just as different.

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