Lifeblogging by Sounds

    A real sensation at the conference MobiSys 2009 made a new program SoundSense . Through the built-in iPhone microphone, this utility constantly monitors background sounds and continuously tries to analyze and classify them. Unique identifiers are generated for all types of noise. For example, initially the program successfully defines such categories as voice, music, background noise. But the most interesting thing is that it can be tuned and trained for those sounds that accompany your and only your life! The video perfectly shows how easy and convenient it is.

    Thus, a simple program becomes a unique tool for life-blogging. For example, she can automatically tweet what exactly you are doing at the moment: drive a car, brush your teeth, sit in a cafe, watch TV, etc.

    In principle, with an increase in the accuracy of work, this program will be able to determine by sound what particular cafe or which particular room you are sitting because each room has its own unique acoustic picture.

    The mathematical algorithms on which SoundSense works are described in this scientific paper .

    via Technology Review , Slashdot

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