Flash GAMM! - flash game developers meeting

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    I do not know how relevant this news will be for you, but still I dare to post it here.

    It is no secret that today flash-games are a large industry that has not yet found its own space for meetings, discussions and exchange of experience. Conferences dedicated to casual games do not satisfy the communication needs of the flash developers present. This informational vacuum needs to be quickly filled with quality content. Therefore, the idea of Flash GAMM was born ! Flash GAMM! or Flash Game Meeting is a meeting of game developers based on the Flash platform, which will be held in Kiev on October 25-26 this year. This is not a conservative conference, but a meeting that has a more “liberated” format.

    Flash GAMM!

    This meeting is being done from scratch with full enthusiasm by the organizers. But we have already found several sponsors, which will allow us to make the meeting more eventful. We plan to host 100-150 people. Already registered more than 80 participants from 4 countries.

    The meeting will present a series of reports on various aspects of developing flash games - from game design, art, architecture and programming to the promotion and monetization of game projects. Already now you can study the topics of the reports available , but we want to inform you that this is not all, several topics are being finalized. And the pros of their field will talk about the experience of flash-game building, including Ada Chen from Mochi Media and Anton Volkov from Alternativa Platform

    It can be noted that the meeting will take place once after Casual Connect.
    Participation in the meeting is absolutely free!
    And for those who can’t come, an online broadcast of the meeting through Adobe Connect will be held. As well as video recording and presentations will be posted on the site after the meeting.

    You can find out more about the meeting, reports, participants and the venue on the official meeting website http://flashgamm.com

    Sincerely, the
    organizers of Flash GAMM!

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