Competition for startups in the field of news, the opportunity to receive funding of $ 5 million

    I was asked to tell potential participants about the contest, which you can apply for right now (until November 1) and get a chance to win funding for your project for $ 5 million from the Knight Foundation . The competition involves projects and technologies aimed at working with news and information. The geography of the competition is not limited. Below is a press release in Russian for all interested. I personally have nothing to do with the organizers, so I’m unlikely to help with answers to possible questions.

    We greet you!
    The Knight Foundation’s “Change the World of News” contest, Knight News Challenge 2008, is an annual international competition with a prize pool of $ 5 million for inventions in the field of digital information technologies that allow for a better exchange of news and information, accepts applications for participation until November 1.
    This year we are offering new support programs that should help you make your inventions even more perfect. We also want you and your community to know about the program and be ready to submit an application.
    You invent - we finance!

    The competition is open to socially active innovators from any country in the world: from software developers to journalists, citizens and students of any age. Do you have a great idea on how to inform residents of a certain geographical area and encourage them to exchange information through social networks, Web 2.0 tools or the OpenID protocol? Or maybe this is an idea about the exchange of video, photo or text information? Do you know a way to combine game theory with work on the Internet to maintain communication in a particular community of people? Dare, expand the boundaries of the possible - we are looking for absolute innovation.
    To participate in the competition, your invention must meet four parameters:
    1) use digital information technology;
    2) used to deliver news or information for collective use;
    3) in a certain geographical territory;
    4) contain innovation.
    Applications should be open source and provide free access to the created software and knowledge.
    2008 Innovation: News Challenge Garage
    This year, Knight created a new incubator - the News Challenge Garage - where potential participants can find out the opinions of other participants and get advice from selection specialists and winners of past contests. Today, more than 40 applications are in the incubator on the Garage website, created on the basis of Drupal. At, you can get support from a variety of developers, online journalists, nonprofit supporters, video bloggers, and social media experts. Everyone who is submitting their project to Garage will receive help and guidance from 30 mentors. If you want to watch online Garage videos in different languages, check out for more details.

    Want to attend?
    Apply for!
    Need more details?
    The Knight News Challenge introduces new information technology tools so that 2008 contest information can reach a wide variety of communities. You can follow our actions on, communicate with us via video on or discuss ideas that you want to indicate in the application in our chat room on

    The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation invests in improving journalism around the world and in maintaining the viability of the American communities for which the Knight brothers published their newspapers. Since 1950, the foundation has awarded more than $ 400 million to promote high-class journalism and freedom of expression. The goal of the fund is to support projects with the potential to change the world of news for the better. If you want to know more, visit .

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