"Hard, harder, Notpron!"

    As they say, inspired by music .
    I was very surprised to find no topic about this online quest. A mind-blowing game that was planted for life for stealing time from the population of planet Earth.
    A total of 168 people completed this game from 138 levels, entirely from 10+ million who tried.
    (11 past versions with a couple of added levels)
    Basic (and not basic) computer knowledge, (for example, the ability to see the source of a page, lighten a picture through some program), basic knowledge of English / German / Chinese (in extreme cases, a translator) , a head on his shoulders, rationality and irrationality are strongly welcome.
    I have to VERY much use googl'om, therefore I advise you to insert "-notpron" in the search box, in order to avoid accidentally spying hints.
    In general, if you solve puzzles, look for passwords and solve furious puzzles - your hobby, you are welcome. PS About the arrest - of course, a joke (: PPS Link to the mainpage with the guest book, fak and hints. UPD. Translated official tips: Level 1 If this level is too difficult for you, kill yourself. Although ... Wait !!! Where do you usually open door? Click this part in the picture. Level 2

    A pop-up window advises you to crack the door. Maybe not only use the mouse to solve the puzzle, maybe the address bar is hiding something?
    Level 3
    Stop being inactive, truncated? Stop clicking right and left, there is nothing! Read the address carefully. What can you turn, flip?
    Level 4
    Something dark? Maybe more light? You ask how? What programs do you need? Now what do you see? What type of code can this be?
    Level 5
    Read the URL carefully. At least two things will help you. Found what you need in Google? Don’t bother, because you only need 2 words - Username and password!
    Level 6
    Think of “source code”!
    Have you heard of the ASCII Code?
    Level 7
    Read the URL carefully. He will tell you what to do.
    Level 8
    Second Song? What could it be?
    Who (or what) is a Jay Pack? Say it out loud !!!
    Level 9 - 81
    Now it all depends on you. No more clues.
    And remember that all levels are different from each other.
    Of course, it’s easy to dig up an answer on the Internet, but if you act dishonestly, all the buzz from the game will disappear!

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