Why iPhone compass

    Such an innovation in the iPhone, as a compass, was perplexing for the legs - they expected something more. But perhaps it was he who was not enough to bring the relationship of the real and virtual worlds to a new level.
    1. At the first stage, everything is quite simple: using the built-in compass, you can correctly orient the built-in map. Even specialized navigators are now adapted primarily for vehicles and allow you to determine the direction exclusively in motion, so that the iPhone will be an ideal companion for a pedestrian.
    2. Then you can try to integrate this business with a location sensor in space and do something similar to Street View , but independently controlled thanks to the movements of the phone. Thus, "through" it will be possible to see through it information about the area around: for example, a list of organizations located in a particular building.
    3. After that, the time will come to generate similar content to users. Already StreetView is integrated with Panoramio and gives you the opportunity to see how a particular place looks not in the eyes of a Google mobile, but in normal photos. Perhaps, the phones will have the option to easily upload the photos taken to the central server, while noting not only the GPS coordinates, but also the location of the device in space. Since in addition to this, the shooting time and camera specifications are known, all this will create an information cast of various places with time slices and the ability to move in space. Something like Photosynth , but with far less unknowns when deciding where to take pictures.
      The scenarios for using the resulting panoramas can be very different - with access from computers or the same mobile devices - for example, the ability to rewind what is visible through the camera now in time.
      If you add the possibility of video recording here, fantasy no longer has boundaries.

    It is not known who will do this: Apple itself, Google with Microsoft (the latter’s laboratories have already released something for iPhone) or some yet unknown startup - but it’s clear that we already have a hardware platform that can fundamentally change how we look at the world around!

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