Online hunting

    Not so long ago entertained colleagues with Internet hunting. Only one got to the prey. It seems to me that it turned out interesting, so I represent the hunt for habrapuserov.

    The purpose of the hunt is to find a well-hidden e-mail address and send a message to it.

    First hint: The

    first one to send is a prize (well, either there is an invite, or for lunch with me, or something else).

    Upd. Simplified one of the prompts to a few seconds.

    Upd2. We have the first winner: naething did not leave stone upon stone from the puzzle . Respect!

    Upd3. We have a second winner: AndryBlack smashed the encryption. Respect!

    Upd3. Coped with the taskexidler . It's great that the heroes of cryptography are not extinct!

    Upd4. This topic has sunk into the archives of the Habr, and Yan169 and ProstoTyoma coped with the task. Congratulations!

    Upd5. I posted the answers in this commentary . Thanks so much for the game!

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