PHP SDK for Windows Azure

    imageYesterday (July 7, 2009) , the upcoming integration of the Zend Framework and Windows Azure was announced under the guise of the PHP SDK for Windows Azure.

    imageWindows Azure is the name of the unreleased, cloud-based product from Microsoft, introduced by Ray Ozzy on October 27, 2008. It is part of Azure Services. It was introduced by Steve Ballmer on October 1 under the name “Windows Cloud”. According to Ballmer, Windows Azure will be based on Windows Server. While the system is running in beta (or “preview format,” as Ray Ozzy put it). At this stage, using the system will be free, but after the final release, users will be charged a monthly fee. Wikipedia ©

    imageMicrosoft and RealDolmen decided to make the Windows Azure PHP SDK available as part of the Zend Framework. Thanks to this approach, millions of PHP developers who use the Zend Framework will be able to build Windows Azure-oriented web applications without too much difficulty. Realdolmen officially posted the appropriate code in the Zend Framework lab so that the Zend Team could begin to review and approve. Once approved, Zend Team will publish a technical overview of the SDK on the Zend Framework website. (from)

    Windows Azure Structure:

    What is Windows Azure - this is the name for Microsoft applications and services that are a cloud-based operating system that provides hosting, computing and more.


    Integration of PHP SDK and Windows Azure:

    The PHP SDK communicates with Windows Azure through abstract REST or XML interfaces.


    Application Deployment:

    Accordingly, from the previous illustration it can be seen that regardless of the location of the application, it can be effectively interact with Windows Azure.

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