Navigator Contenter

    Many sites have poor navigation. In case the site you came to is just that, the Contenter can help you .

    The idea was born during the discussion of PreScroll and is as follows.

    The Contenter plugin scans the html-code of the page, tearing out headings of different levels from it (h1..h6), and builds it in its window. The result is a heading tree that allows you to conveniently jump to different parts of the page.

    Since not all sites use headers for their intended purpose, or are not used at all - as an option - you can build a tree depending on the font size of the design elements.

    Another function of the plugin may be the automatic construction of a sitemap. The map may display titles and / or headings of the first level on the pages. You can also display short descriptions or keywords. You can make it possible to choose what to display.

    Design add to taste.

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