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    Based on the topic eRepublik . Two weeks passed and during this time the Habra Party was successfully created, which at the moment has become the second largest association of the country. You can read more about this here . Unfortunately, things are not going well in eUkraine.

    I created a similar Habra party of Ukraine. Currently, the population of eUkraine is disproportionately small; the majority of the population are foreigners. There is the United Ukraine party, a candidate from whom the Habr party will support the presidential election tomorrow. But eUkraine really lacks active residents, users of the Habr, to whom I can transfer the leadership of the party. At the initial stage, you will be helped by our party, I also advise you to start the game by registering in the Donbas region, since there is a hospital there that will be useful to you in the future. And do not forget to register on the party’s official website .

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