Base of Chinese malware

    The Beijing-based KnownSec company , which has been collecting information on malicious sites in China for many years, yesterday opened its database for all anti-spam and anti-virus companies in the world, as well as for government agencies (any of the listed organizations can now request access to the database). The creators of antivirus software will now have access to relevant information from the very center of world virus writing.

    The KnownSec database contains much more information about Chinese malicious IP addresses than any other database in the world. But it is from Chinese servers that the most spam and trojans are distributed on the entire Network, and in the last few months this share has grown sharply. According to McAfee, in just six months, they have already handed down 80% of last year's volume of malware, that is, double growth is expected over the year.

    KnownSec crawlers scan about 2 million sites a day and collect malware samples, record the dates and IP addresses of infected sites. The database of infected KnownSec sites is much more complete than that of Google (as you know, it displays warning labels if you try to go to an infected site). Every day, KnownSec finds more than 100 brand new trojans.

    via IDG News Service

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