Auditorium - what is it?

    The news may seem outdated, but I meet a lot of people who have not heard anything about a browser game called Auditorium .

    Actually, I can’t say with confidence that this is generally a game. Rather, it is a game, but in the same sense that we put in the expression "playing the piano" or "the play of light and shadow."

    The player in the Audience ("the Auditorium" doesn’t like to say something, sorry) is invited to control the Flow in order to fill them with the containers using the controls. As the Container fills with Stream, it begins to play its melody. More flow means more sound. When all containers on the stage are full, it is considered passed.

    Simply? Well, yes, it’s easy. Only now, a stream can pour out in the wrong direction where the container stands ... Yes, and there may be obstacles on the way, and here also the flows, it turns out, come in different colors - for their containers ... In general, the farther, the more diverse the musical accompaniment and the harder it is to get it. But it's worth it! Needless to say, this creation requires some processor power and a good communication channel? So, the conqueror of all kinds of contests and prizes is Auditorium .

    here is the pictureand one more

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