Tuning the Opera menu in Opera


    Probably everyone knows the context menu of the opera.
    I want to tell how to configure this menu for a more convenient translation.
    I myself use the 2nd translation services for the Internet - it Yandeks.Slovari and Google.Translate them and will integrate =) While you will be able to tie any other online translator.

    First we need to create our personal menu.
    Go to Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced - > Toolbars to Menu Setup select Opera Standart and click on the button Duplicate .
    After that, another Opera Standart Copy menu item should appear .

    Now we need to edit the items of the newly created menu, for this we open the file \ AppData \ Roaming \ Opera \ Opera \ menu \ standard_menu (1) .ini
    and look for the next line "[Translate menu]" in it. Delete everything until "[Image Popup Menu]". I do not need translators provided by the opera, as they do not work with Russian.

    It remains to screw the translator from Google. Add the following lines after "[Translate menu]": I would also like to change the behavior of the Dictionary menu , I want Yandex.Dictionaries to open when I select this item. Well, this is not difficult to do. We replace the line with Now it remains to indicate the opera, use our menu. Let's go

    Item, English to Russian = Go to page, "javascript:void(inivar='%t')",,, "l_russian" & Go to Page,"javascript:if(typeof google_translate=='function'){google_translate('auto|ru')}else{void(window.open('http://translate.google.com/translate'+(document.selection.createRange().text?'_t?text='+document.selection.createRange().text:'?u='+escape(location.href))+'&hl=ru&langpair=auto|ru&tbb=1'+(document.characterSet?'&ie='+document.characterSet:'')));}"

    Item, Russian to English = Go to page, "javascript:void(inivar='%t')",,, "l_english" & Go to Page,"javascript:if(typeof google_translate=='function'){google_translate('auto|en')}else{void(window.open('http://translate.google.com/translate'+(document.selection.createRange().text?'_t?text='+document.selection.createRange().text:'?u='+escape(location.href))+'&hl=ru&langpair=auto|en&tbb=1'+(document.characterSet?'&ie='+document.characterSet:'')));}"
    Item, Яндекс словари = Go to page,"http://slovari.yandex.ru/search.xml?text=%t&st_translate=1"

    Item, MI_IDM_SELDICTIONARY=Hotclick search, 50"

    Item, MI_IDM_SELDICTIONARY=Go to page,"http://slovari.yandex.ru/search.xml?text=%t&st_translate=1"

    Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Toolbars in Menu Setup ,
    select Opera Standart Copy and click OK.

    Based on: link
    My menu: my_menu.ini I think it may be useful as an example. But just do not use it in Opera 9, because This is a modified version 10 menu.

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