Lenovo: more Del and Esc

    After a year of research, Lenovo experts came to the conclusion that users quite often - about 700 times a week - press the delete and cancel keys (Delete and Escape), and concluded that the standard size used so far for such "popular" keys are not enough. The result can be seen on the ThinkPad T400s laptop, where the height of Del and Esc is doubled compared to the height of the alphanumeric keys. According to Lenovo, it will be more convenient to perform undo and delete operations in this way.


    It is assumed that the next "victim of rethinking the keyboard" may be the Caps Lock key. In fact, the period of its active use remained in the days of mechanical typewriters, when printing the title in capital letters was almost the only way to distinguish it from the general typewritten text. Now Caps Lock more often interferes than it is used, especially after being accidentally pressed when entering a password, and also, as a rule, it is accompanied by a separate LED indicator.

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