Your company (not) needs sociality

    Ten years ago (someone suggests: “almost twenty”), the Internet has fallen on the head of companies of various stripes and lines . I would suggest that for used for proc eed some of them it has become a burden rather than a boon. On the one hand: “ everyone already has a damn site, are we worse, or what? ", On the other:" yes what for it is necessary? We were, so to speak, born in this hole. And we will die in this hole . " In the end, everything somehow settled down. Everyone had terrible business card sites, with terrible smiles on the faces of CEOs, and "news" for the year before last. After some time, when the glasses strung on ... say, the tail didn’t help, the reasonable director of the middle arm triumphed in his own way, pathetically patting the dull premium IT specialist on the shoulder. "Did I say that a bad idea? And you are “great opportunities, many new customers.” My client is an old beaver like me (putting on a hat from a relative and grunting). He opened the newspaper, jabbed his finger, the price is low? that's nice, that's what I called. Well at least inexpensively ... "

    Today, things are much worse. It would seem that the times are different, and the Internet is different. Both the collective consciousness and the magic of numbers (including exchange ones) ... And the same beaver director himself regularly sits in the "one-eyed" and wonders how people pay hard-earned money for painted lamb candies. But everything is only worse and worse. Now “ two-and-a-half-zero ” in all its glory is pouring onto our heads . With social promotion, the human face of the company and Twitter, not by night mentioned. And again vigorous IT specialists say that "necessary . " And it seems really - "necessary." And the secretary valechka grew nails from idleness that the Chechen daggers (it would be better if the company had a blog, honestly). But nevertheless nearby (again) a sensible “ why ” flies . Which I want to milk.

    - Do you really want to hear what they say about your company (product, employees) in Kaluga? Well, in Moscow, on Baumanskaya? And in thousands of different places. And to hear in public. And as an option - to answer in public, with the danger of later burying his face in the helpfully framed archive with his answer. I want to?

    - And maybe I’m eager to enter into a discussion with competitors who have good arguments in favor of their product? Whose scouts have already seen the “helpfulness” of your staff, with a “courtesy” and a “polite smile” explaining to the customer why his case is not a guarantee?

    - Is it not scary to be spat upon qualitatively because the design idea embedded in the new model (what is being produced there?) Was (through the heart attacks of the developers) repeatedly edited by your wife, who “still thinks about it”?

    - It will be normal to respond to a comment by a client who has gone awry from the fact that it’s real that He Himself is now sitting and Reading It Himself?

    - It’s not a pity to hire a specialist for the correct, tasty presentation of company news, instead of tearing off the felling from the pearl varnish covering with a protective one? And to get a normal, readable text, instead of the junk that it "pulls you off" pulls from booklets.

    - It will not be offensive to realize that your beautiful "turbocharged sheaves", with a great creak, become a meme of runet? And if so, then only in a humorously negative sense. And it’s sad to believe the PR man, who for some reason is happy about all this, and says that it’s necessary.

    - Will it not be greedy to invite interested bloggers to a meeting, and hand out to them, in addition to the stew and memorable pens, something else that will be worthy of the post, even without a direct connection with your photo complex?

    All of the above makes up the integral parts of one bigwhy . " And if it’s not scary, not sorry, not greedy, then decide. But if doubts are great, an incredulous grimace makes it difficult to shave, and proudly roars in my head: “ what for ass harmony, ” then ... Please ( please! ) Immediately forget about it and do nothing! Nothing, hear? Neither an Twitter account with links to every dull news of yours, nor a shitty blog - a wastebasket for your press releases and quasi-collective farm editorials with milk yield ... Uhhhhh! Everyone will be better off from this, take your word for it. Do not disappoint or disappoint.

    The thoughts of associates will be there .

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