Samsung's 24 SSDs in RAID: really fast configuration

    An interesting video appeared on the network, which shows a system with 24 solid-state drives integrated into a RAID array. In this system, Samsung MLC SSDs with a capacity of 256 GB were used. To say that the work of the resulting computer is impressive is to say nothing.

    The system uses two four- core Quad Core QX9775 processors , two video cards based on HD 4870 X2 chips in Crossfire configuration, 4GB of RAM with a frequency of 800 MHz, two 1000W power supplies and 24 SSD drives with a total capacity of 6 TB.

    After a little setup, the system was able to transfer data at a speed of 2GB per second without any problems. Opening a heap of office programs takes about 0.5s, and simultaneously opening all 53 programs from the start menu took 18.9s. Defragmenting takes less time than it takes the average user to search for a specific file, and the removal of 700 files with a total capacity of 5.6 GB occurs in a split second. The performance of this system is amazing. To transfer the contents of one DVD-ROM from one place to another, the system took about 0.8s, about the same as the user needs for the corresponding mouse movement. Based on this video, we can confidently say that the end of the era of classic hard drives is just around the corner.

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