ICFPC 2009 Coming Soon

    This Friday, June 26, the annual programming contest, the International Conference on Functional Programming Contest (abbreviated ICFPC ), begins . The contest is famous for original assignments ranging from "very interesting" to "tower collapse." Despite the word “functional” in the name, there are no restrictions on the programming language used (absolutely! This is a tradition of the competition).

    Last year 330 teams from around the world participated. This year, everyone is invited again.
    The competition lasts three days (72 hours). You can participate, both yourself and the team. There is a so-called “speed tour” - the answer in the first 24 hours of the competition.

    The task will be posted on Friday June 26 at 22:00:16 MSD(Moscow summer time, GMT + 4) to the icfpcontest.org contest page (counter to the start of icfpcontest.org/countdown.php )

    A small overview of the tasks for the past years. Many of them are worth it to download the condition and rummage yourself (believe me this is an indescribable pleasure).

    2008 (interesting) - write a program controlling the rover, to return to the base, avoiding the evil Martians. The terrain and physical characteristics of the rover changed with each launch and were not known. Management was carried out over the network according to the protocol described in the task. Habrachelove report on the participation of neuro159.habrahabr.ru/blog/29137

    2007 (full flight)- a file called DNA was given and instructions for writing a virtual machine for its interpretation. The result of interpretation is a picture. The only way to influence the result was to add your prefix to the DNA. It was required to find a prefix allowing to get the correct picture. During the digging, a lot of interesting things turned out ... I will not spoil the impression, it is better to read the report from the participant users.livejournal.com/_adept_/67233.html (in three parts).
    (one more from the team which took 4th place yole.livejournal.com/2007/07 )

    2006 (full fly)- Also was associated with virtual machines. In short: after writing the interpreter of the virtual machine and running the downloaded file, you find yourself in a certain OS. In which it was necessary to solve many programming problems. From writing a password cracking program in BASIC, in which all numbers are given in Roman numerals, to writing a program in block diagrams in pseudographics. The report of the same author is here users.livejournal.com/_adept_/24049.html (in three parts).

    2005 (interesting) - the players wrote control programs for robotic policemen and robotic thieves. The task for some, respectively, was to “catch”, for others to “loot and escape.” At the same time, police robots of different (!) Players could (and should) have interacted with each other - working in a team.

    2004 (very interesting)- a description was given of a language similar to a Turing machine. It was proposed to write an ant brain program on it. The task of ants is to find and bring food to the hive. The only way to communicate, otherwise independent ants (all ants have the same program!), Were marks on the ground. In determining the winner, ant colonies of different players competed on different maps (for complete joy, the cells were hexagonal).

    PS I wonder if any of the Habrahloud is going to take part this year.

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