- we connect external subtitles to video is a large wiki system focused on collecting an anime catalog and series available online. The project is purely non-profit, and since it is based on a wiki, everyone can improve already known information.

    In the center is a Flash video player that can take video from one source, and subtitles from another.

    How it works?
    1. The user finds on one of the foreign hosting sites (Youtube, Veoh, anime with the original voice acting (because there are a lot of it);
    2. The user finds Russian subtitles and uploads them to the site;
    3. A user with a special directive on a wiki page writes: “create a link that would show this video and subtitle data in a flash player”.

    What do we get?
    We get a big catalog of anime with the original sound that you can watch online (ideally). Now the database is filled with about 40 series.

    However, since the video is taken from external video hosting sites, for some reason IE often does not show the video, so it is recommended to use other browsers (I use FF).

    Where and how can I connect the video?
    Video can be connected from Youtube, Veoh,, and from a number of sites, as well as through direct links to FLV files (Flash Video format for broadcasting on the Internet), in case someone wants to connect their own video archive.

    Such services, of course, use dynamic addresses to “render” video content - but you just need to specify the video address, and our script will do the rest (it will pull out a working FLV address).

    Orientation, first of all, goes to Veoh , because it is fast and there are supported videos lasting more than 20 minutes, which is necessary for the series. However, the video is often removed from it.
    Secondly, we use - it is Chinese and slow, but almost everything is there.
    In the third place - Youtube , because it is the most popular, and there is also a lot. However, he only recently lifted the limit of 10 minutes per video, and therefore most of the series there are cut into pieces, which creates certain problems.

    Since, for various reasons, video files sometimes disappear from hosting, for each series there is a button "Report broken link", which modifies the wiki page by adding the flag "Doesn't work" to the link.

    How are subtitles connected?
    Subtitles are taken from SRT files, because I specially wrote an AS3 class for Flash that can parse this file format. The class is distributed under a free license .

    Often, ASS, SSA formats are used for subtitles, which allow better control over the process of applying subtitles (specify color, place of occurrence). Writing a parser of this format is much more difficult, therefore only SRT is used. The aforementioned formats can be quite easily converted to SRT using a special program .

    The SRT file is uploaded to the site using the file manager, in the process of converting to the UTF-8 encoding (from Win-1251). The file manager offers a short link to the file, which should be inserted in the appropriate place, indicating where to get the subtitles. You can also use an HTTP address, which allows you to load subtitles in general from anywhere on the Internet (just remember to convert them to UTF-8).

    In fact, in the Flash video player, you can adjust the color, size of the subtitles, set the time offset if the subtitles are “shot down” relative to this particular video. In particular, this is how the video from Youtube is connected in several parts: a very large offset, about 10 minutes, is set relative to the second part.

    How are you different from many other sites dealing with anime online?
    1. We believe in community power. Therefore, we created a wiki site that everyone can edit. Similar resources usually limit the ability of users to add series. We can create backup options for at least 10 pieces, participate in changing the description, offer a new classification option ...

    2. We believe in high-quality highly specialized resources. Therefore, we do not have a forum, chat or hundreds of other small things. Only information, if possible, of high quality. By the way, therefore, there is no advertising (I promise that there will never be popup ads). Therefore, the design is so simple (even, unfortunately, too simple).

    3. We think that speed and convenience are sometimes more important than quality. You can always manually “embed” Russian subtitles into a video file and put it on a hosting or just download the AVI version from a P2P network. But we think that it is more pleasant for the user to click on one link in order to evaluate the work as a first approximation. Or it’s easier for the editor to find a collection of all series and subtitles on them on a video hosting service, and write 26 lines so that the series can be watched than manually upload about 4GB to the server after a long conversion.

    Do you have any flaws?
    Of course have. I would even say they are full. First of all, I want to note the inexpressive design and the overall structure of the project site, to which the hands do not reach. Secondly - the small volume of the database and the slowness of its filling. Well, and many others, of course.

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