Now, if everything in the world worked like Gmail!

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Julia Anfilova, Google Russia Marketing

Do you like housework? Well, let's say, wash dishes, wash, vacuum, iron ... Probably, you should not even think about this question to answer: "Yes, not really." But personally, when I take out the clothes from the washing machine or the dishes from the dishwasher, I always think: “God, what a blessing that someone once had the idea (and then there was enough ingenuity and education) to automate this process!” When I I remember the times when I had to wash with my hands, I’m ready to hug my savior, blow dust off her and even give gifts ... However, this does not stop me from dreaming that she would take on a couple more additional duties ... For example, hang clothes after washing or at least give out ramie laundered socks :-)

A great example to follow in this sense is Gmail, because it already has a lot of functions that you could dream about: it combines letters on one topic into chains and helps you easily find the ones you need using any word from the letter; protects from annoying spam, allows you to read and write letters in the browser even when the computer is not connected to the Internet ... See how our world could become if everything in it worked like Gmail. Starring: vacuum cleaner, toaster, washing machine, car and TV. Supporting roles are performed by Gmail and Max - that’s how we called our hero who was lucky to live in that very ideal world of Gmail :-)

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