ReSabzh - a convenient service for discussions (browser, email) without registration
    While Google is working on Wave and convincing developers to support the protocol, we have released a convenient working discussion service that uses existing protocols and is suitable for everyone who has an email.

    Meet: . In fact - this is the implementation of the concept of inboxes (messages) on the Habr, only available to everyone. You enter the participants ’emails, message text and press the“ Create Inbox ”button, after which a message and a link will fall on the mail for all participants, after which you can take part in the discussion. In addition, each participant can reply to a message or any comment to it without leaving his mail client - this will be convenient for those who are used to classic mail groups.

    For programmers, we made a treat - code highlighting (print «hello») In the near future it is planned to add several features absolutely necessary for him to ReSabzh . But, we hope that in the current state, the service can already become a useful and convenient tool.

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