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An incredible experiment of the Hand Stone phenomenon was conducted in the 70s. Question: will making the simple idea that makes people happier make the creator a millionaire? The answer is yes.
And ... we at ThinkGeek will try to repeat the famous experiment and see if we can achieve the same. But we need your help.

So why do you need a handheld USB gem:
  • He does not need food or water
  • He won't squeeze your slippers
  • It will make you incredibly cool.
  • He will never kill you at a glance
  • He will always love you with his stone love
  • This is the most environmentally friendly USB gadget ever created, it doesn't even consume electricity
  • It is compatible with Windows (7 and below), Mac (all versions), all Linux distributions and other ever created, existing and future operating systems - it does not need any drivers!

Just plug the USB cable into a free port and the USB hand-held gem will immediately work great. People will stop near you and ask what he is doing on your desk. Each time you can tell a new story, no matter what, but it’s better to tell the truth, since this stone does not actually do anything. In addition, that causes a smile and a good mood. Amaze your friends and colleagues, from which you will smile even more. So, buy a Hand-Held USB Gem today and make us rich tomorrow!

This is how the USB Hand Stone works.

Product specification
  • A hand-held USB stone plugs into a USB port and gives you love
  • No need for food and care
  • Does not consume electricity
  • Compatible with all operating systems, including Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Each stone is unique (due to nature)
  • Dimensions approx. 10cm x 10cm x 8cm
  • Comes with a 45cm USB cable

On my own: the Buy Now button really hangs on the site and the price is $ 7.99, but when clicked it leads to some kind of left page. And so it’s a very funny gift for a geek friend.

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