Manage multiple Google Accounts

    Google invites everyone to participate in the next webinar for Internet marketing professionals on working with the Client Center tool for managing multiple Google accounts (

    The Google AdWords Advertising Professionals Center ( ) makes it easy to manage your advertising campaigns across multiple accounts, get official advertising professional status, use the AdWords API to create your own applications, and use a shared credit line to all accounts.

    The workshop will be hosted by Igor Protsenko, Google Advertising Strategy Specialist (Dublin, Ireland). Igor will talk about creating a Client Center and merging accounts under one umbrella, the benefits of an advertising professional certificate, as well as the intricacies of the certification process and the possibility of obtaining a credit line.

    The online seminar will be held at 16:00 Moscow time on June 11, 2009. To participate and get additional information, please go to , select the “Manage multiple accounts” seminar, and follow the registration instructions.

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