Google latitude allows you to determine the location of a mobile device, since February in Belarus!

    Owners of smartphones on Symbian and Windows can now use the tracking system from Google, which works according to data on current base stations. Locator does not allow you to accurately determine the coordinates of the user, but gives an approximate idea of ​​the location. It also allows you to choose with whom the user wants to share information about his location. You can track both your position and those you have added as friends, for example, a child. You can track both from the phone and through google maps. Belarus is not in the list of countries where this service is provided. However, everything works .

    You can download it at a mobile browser. New services for S60 are also available on Beta version of Google Sync, Google Mobile App, the latter allows you to use the autofill functions, save the query history and edit it when searching.

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    Accuracy can vary from a few hundred meters, and on the outskirts and in small cities - about a kilometer. In rural areas, accuracy drops to 35 km. As a result of tests (Frunzenskaya metro area), these data are confirmed.

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