Edge: Online MIDI Sequencer

    Before I begin, let me give you some suggestions regarding your interest in the topic.

    So, suppose your interest in music is not limited to listening to it.
    Perhaps you have experience writing arrangements or you are consciously seeking to find one.
    You can be an inveterate pro or just want to try your hand at creativity.

    And finally, maybe you have a free moment on the Web that you would like to devote to creating music and developing hearing, but at this time there are no suitable conditions: tools, equipment, or at least software, which, as you know, is not always primitive and requires a fair amount of time to master.

    I bring to your attention an easy and elegant solution.

    This is a web service or simply a site where anyone can write a piece of music from a primitive ringtone to a symphonic form.
    It's called " Edge: An Online MIDI Sequencer ."

    Quick reference:
    MIDI - data format, a digital analogue of musical notation.

    A sequencer is a program (sometimes also in hardware) that allows you to operate on these data.

    Working in a sequencer requires a sane browser from the Gecko, WebKit families. Opera 9+ is supported, but will create much more inconvenience than Chrome or Firefox.

    Open Edge and boldly right-click the notes in the Arrangement Window and click Render. But still I recommend reading a small guideor user guide

    Screenshot of the working state:
    Edge Online MIDI Sequencer screenshot

    Well, a couple of sound samples obtained as a result of working with Edge :

    You can know the musical notation and use the agreement:
    until: “c”, re: “d”, mi: “e”, fa: “f”, salt: “g”, a: “a”, si: “b” , sharp: "+".
    Although you may not know and just arrange the bricks of notes on the grid of the window of the arrangement by eye.

    Something More About MIDI Format

    At first glance, the MIDI file sounds ugly, but do not forget that the sound quality is entirely on the conscience of the used MIDI synthesizer that plays the MIDI file. In our case, this synthesizer is quicktime.

    But nothing will stop you from saving the MIDI file and processing it with any of the modern virtual synthesizers, samplers, of which a great many have divorced.

    Well, now blow this dance floor up! =)

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