Traditional Fun - Fortune-telling the Night Before WWDC: What Apple Prepares For Us

    imageWWDC 2009 opens tonight in San Francisco . And this means that late in the evening there will be an Apple keynote on which new nymkami will be presented. I don’t know about you, but it really excites me. Indeed, this is one of the important events in the IT industry that will show us the future (not everything, but a piece).

    I suggest that everyone begin to cultivate analysts in themselves and try to predict exactly which new products will be presented today. And at the same time we will exchange our vision of the future.

    Here is my prediction:

    # 1 New iPhone
    I have a lot of arguments against this, but it seems that today they will nevertheless show a new Apple phone. By the way, I bet that there will be no new iPhone today and it seems that I will lose 500 rubles. There will be video, electronic compass, faster processor, multitasking.

    # 2 Apple netbook
    I think this will not happen. There will also be no internet tablet (same as an iPhone, but bigger).

    # 3 New Apple TV
    I think this is very likely. Well, simply because this piece of iron has not been updated for a long time.

    # 4 Mac OS 10.6
    One hundred pounds will be the presentation of this OS. It's about time.

    # 5 Blu-ray drive in laptops and desktops
    It will not happen. Because no one needs nafik. I think that Apple will gradually get rid of any optical drives in laptops. And in a couple of years we’ll remember about the bluer with a smile, about the same as about minidisk.

    I don’t know how to isolate this in a separate paragraph, but it seems to me that there will be some laptop on SSD. I understand that the technology is no longer new, but there are many different implementations. I think Apple will stick these drives into all the laptops and this will give a tremendous increase in performance.

    What is your forecast?

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