A few suggestions for Opera

    I have been using this browser for a long time, on the basis of personal experience I decided to give several development proposals.
    Thanks to everyone for the comments, based on them UPD
    • To make tabs work on the side, this is a great idea for widescreen monitors;
    • Make it possible not to narrow the tabs preview with a large number, but to use scrolling with the mouse wheel;
    • Ability to manually set the number of speed-dial NxM in the settings window.
      It is possible, of course, through the file speeddial.ini. But maybe it’s worth adding this feature to the window called up by the “Configure Speed ​​Dial”;

    • I click on any mailto link and select "Use a Web mail service", but there is neither GMail nor Hotmail, although there is Yandex and Mail.ru. Add GMail and Hotmail out of the box. And can it give “specialists” the opportunity to add mail services through the “official” settings window? But in the meantime, there is such a way habrahabr.ru/blogs/opera/51735
    • Make the button icons colored so it’s easier for them to “cling to your eyes”;
    • Add the ability to create a hierarchy of folders for Feeds, now they are all in one list (on the Mail tab, the Feeds item), which is not convenient. Using filters, in my opinion, is not a solution to this problem, but on the contrary, the ability to sort by subfolders is a good and clear addition to filters;
    • When reading Feeds and with the Russian layout turned on in Opera, hotkeys stop working;
    • Feeds list synchronization via Opera Link.
    • Need message history in IRC client
    • The bookmark indicator is missing. So that you can quickly find out whether the page is in the bookmarks or not (maybe also for the Speed ​​Dial?). Here is what habrahabr.ru/blogs/opera/42452 can do now . But I see it for example like this:
    • Wand and Personal info, make support for more personal fields (for example, I have a couple of e-mails), and the ability to choose one of the options when filling out the form, and I would also like to edit id (or name, I don’t know what is used) for a text field that we will “cling to” when filling out, although this is not so important, it will give “advanced” users flexible configuration options :)
    • Increase slightly the gap in all tree lists (note list, bookmark manager) between the last element of the expanded list and the next higher level, like this:
    • Regarding Notes (Notes), when you click "Copy to note", it is not always clear where the note will be placed, it may be worth highlighting the folder that is "in focus", for example like this:
    • Some want support for this gears.google.com :)
    • We want to be able to copy from the browser window not just “bare” text, but text with design and pictures.
    • Well and the last, Add-ons. I know that no matter how many people ask, Opera does not need plugins :), but!
      The fact is that a modern browser is like a window into the world, and with it, besides browsing, I also want to collect the information I need in an archive, sort it, and search in it. For these purposes, programs such as Microsoft OneNote or Evernote are best suited, but for comfortable work with them, plug-in support is needed. I know that you can use bookmarklets, but it is not so effective, it does not work offline and server support is not always available. The note mechanism is also not suitable for serious purposes.

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