Investor Day Central and Eastern Europe 2009

    We are pleased to announce that we have begun preparations for the Investor Day Central and Eastern Europe 2009 in Kiev, which is scheduled for October 28-29, 2009.
    This year it will be a separate event (last year it was held as part of Blogcamp CEE 2008, which this year changes its name to Spot and takes place there, but two days later - it makes sense to go to Kiev for 4 days), which will take place two days. ( IDCEE 2008 Report )

    The first day - there will be an Expo, for which start-ups from the CEE region will be allowed) according to quotas (Albania-3, Belarus - 5, Bulgaria - 5, Bosnia and Herzegovina - 3, Hungary - 5, Latvia - 5, Lithuania - 5, Macedonia - 3, Moldova - 5, Poland - 10, Russia - 10, Romania - 10, Serbia - 5, Slovakia - 5, Slovenia - 3, Ukraine - 10, Croatia - 5, Montenegro - 3, Czech Republic - 10, Estonia - 5, Germany - 10), which work until September, after September 1, all quotas are canceled and good projects from the region are simply selected - up to 150 companies. All who served, still fall into the catalog of the event. At the expo, ONLY investors (expect 150-200) and start-ups, no loungers, will be allowed . Accredited journalists will be admitted at the end of the day.
    50% of the contribution for the Expo will be sent to the fund (to which voluntary contributions will be made by investors), which will be drawn between the three first places of the competition (investors fill out the evaluation sheets) in the proportion of 60-30-10 (I think we will collect 50k euros). Winners will be presented on the second day.
    The main topic of startups is TMT - telecom-media-technology, but in addition there will be two separate quotas for LifeScience and Biotech and Cleantech (30 companies each).

    The second day will be a conference - we plan a few reports - a lot of panels, with conflicting speakers and moderators. The program has just begun to form. We plan 1000 places.

    For representation in the region, we are recruiting Ambassadors who will represent the conference in countries (if you have candidates, let us know). By the way, in Russia we already have an Ambassador - Gene Kolesnikov (old-timer Habr).

    Now we have media support from Seedcamp and - we are negotiating with several other large resources.

    At the moment, we have 4 dozen applications from startups and more than 3 dozen confirmations from investors. In Linkedin, more than 70 people signed up for the event (some investors were noted there) and almost a hundred interested. There is already a discussion group in Linkedin. Site will be launched soonand announced some guests and speakers. Breathed in IDCEE on Twitter.
    The official release is here .

    In the blog I under the tag IDCEE I write about the preparations.

    If if offers, wishes - write!

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