Did you have a cat in Bag?

    Dear% habrauser% s ...
    Are there any of you who ordered cats from vmeshke.ru ?
    Did your cat come to you?

    I made two orders (for myself and the girl in another city) somewhere in the 10th of May ... and still there is nothing. The counter of sent cats and the tracker on the site have not been updated for a long time.

    I received a response to the soap indicated on the site only when I contacted the creator of the site ( Grokru ) through Habr. He said that everything was sent as early as May 21st ... but so far nothing has come to either place.

    I went to the post office, asked if there was anything for me ... no, nothing.
    An order from another online store had already arrived, sent, by the way, on May 27th.

    And now, the author of the site does not respond either to soap or through the Habr. On Habré he happens ... even today was.

    Citizens ... are there among us those who ordered cats after about May 10th, and to whom they still have not reached?

    Grokru , I propose to appear and clarify the situation.

    It's a shame not even for money, but for the unfulfilled expectation of a miracle ...

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