Student knowledge quality

    I teach at the university. I conduct classes at different courses (years of study). IT education.
    I constantly encounter one and the same problem: I can’t explain anything in my discipline, because I have to turn to the students ’knowledge, which they should have obtained earlier, but for one reason or another they don’t have. Moreover, this "earlier" is different.

    You can still come to terms with the fact that in the third year you can misunderstand something that was completed (I like this word) in the second or first. But I just can’t understand how you can get to the senior courses of the university without knowledge of the main (in my opinion) subjects of the school curriculum. I include mathematics (such as algebra and geometry), the Russian language, and a special attitude to school informatics to such subjects.

    Sometimes situations reach even idiotic ones. A student is sitting, who must solve a problem, and “hangs” on such things as, for example, determining the distance between two points, knowing their coordinates. Or he did the work himself, but cannot explain what he did. I wrote a program, but I can’t tell the “logic” of the program.

    Well, if there weren’t a lot of such students, but when their number approaches half the flow, it doesn’t make you think, it makes you sad ...

    There is hope that this is temporary, and that this is some kind of anomaly that will pass soon. But, according to my observations, there is no reason to expect a quick change in the situation for the better.

    I would like to ask, is this the only situation I have, or is everything bad in the country as a whole?

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